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What is WebsiteExpress?

WebsiteExpress is a website development services provider that operates at a subscription model, providing subscribers affordable, professional websites in as fast as 5 days. Our plans start at ₱10,989/year.
What do you do?

We make websites! Why fuss with do-it-yourself website builders? We understand that you’re not a developer. We are! We will make your website for you. Thats what we do best. And we love making websites. But more than that, WebsiteExpress is a one-stop shop. Our website packages come with domain, hosting, design, SSL certificates, shopping cart, email and more. We throw in everything you need to setup and grow your online presence, so you don’t need to deal with multiple service providers. All WebsiteExpress plans also come with 24×7 support throughout your subscription term. No question is too big or too small. You won’t ever feel abandoned by your developer again. We got your back.
What sets WebsiteExpress apart from other website designers/makers?

We are the first ever postpaid website development service provider. We offer subscription plans as low as ₱10,989/year. Because when you’re growing your business, it just makes more sense to pay annually.
Do you offer customised websites?

Yes. We offer customized websites. Contact us regarding your specific needs and our developers will present a proposal for your website.


What are the steps to avail a website from WebsiteExpress?

For a fast transaction, call us. Or simply pick a plan here and sign up.
How long will it take for WebsiteExpress to finish my website?

We guarantee that we’ll be able to complete your website in under 5 days considering we have complete content in hand.
I’m switching to WebsiteExpress. Can I move the data from my old website?

If your existing website uses WordPress as its platform, then migration or conversion is possible. If it does not, the content or data will be uploaded manually by our developers and built to a new website using WordPress.


What are the Plans or Packages of WebsiteExpress?

We have three plans available – the Starter, eCommerce and Plus. All plans feature a custom domain, free one-year hosting, unlimited storage, social buttons and email support. The higher plans offer more features like bigger storage size, a shopping cart, payment gateways, order tracking, and so on.

What if I want to switch between plans?

You may upgrade between plans at any time. Corresponding adjustment in rates and fees shall be effected in the billing cycle following the approval.
How do I pay for my website?

Payment may be done outright (one time) via cash, credit and bank deposit. You can also pay at our head office in Manila.

What are the payment terms?

Payments can be done outright or on a single transaction. It may also be settled 50% Down payment for Mobilization; 50% Balance upon activation of the site.

How much does it cost for an additional page?

Setup of an additional page requires a one-time fee of Php1,000 only.
How much does it cost for an additional 1GB storage?

An additional 1GB storage only costs Php1000 per year.
How long are WebsiteExpress contracts?

Our contracts last for one year.

What are the termination procedures and conditions?

If Subscriber terminates or cancels the subscription before the end of the Subscription Period, the remaining balance of contract value, in addition to any outstanding balance for usage of the Service through the effective date of such termination or expiration will be immediately due and payable in full.


Why do you use WordPress as your platform?

We use WordPress because it is the most SEO friendly platform. WordPress also has a built-in content management system that allows users to edit and add content easily and at their own convenience.
What is SEO friendly?

SEO or “Search Engine Optimization” is the method of driving traffic into your website from the listings of search engines. SEO Friendly means that the tags or key words (if properly targeted) found on your website can easily be detected by your potential customers once they research using search engines.
What is “Responsive Design”?

Responsive Design is a website design that has the capability of adjusting automatically to any screen size of various mobile devices/tablets.
What server do you use for hosting?

We use Amazon for hosting.
How do you count the pages?

Go to your website dashboard, hover your mouse onto the Pages tab at the left side panel and click ‘All Pages’. From there, you’ll see all the title pages and the total number of pages of your website.
Do we have access in editing/updating our website?

Yes, through your website dashboard. Once you purchase a website from WebsiteExpress, you will be given a CMS account for WordPress which you will log on to and use to update, upload, and edit your website.
How many pictures or info can we upload?

The number of photos that can be uploaded will depend on the file size and storage size of your website. More Storage means more space for images, videos, mp3s, and files. Storage size offered by each plan differs. Please see Plans of WebsiteExpress.

Do I need an SSL Certificate?

We recommend purchasing an SSL Certificate for your website to ensure secured browsing and overall protection. This is especially important for websites that use eCommerce and payment gateways.
How do I track orders and inventory on my online shop?

If your website is an online shop, then your plan must be an eCommerce or a Plus plan. Here, you can monitor your inventory, reports, status, and orders of your customers. Payments are automatically recorded and inventories are updated real-time. To view Orders: Go to your website dashboard, hover your mouse onto the WooCommerce tab at the left side panel and click ‘Orders’. From there, you may view, add orders, filter customers, or move orders to the trash To view Inventory:

  • Go to your website dashboard, hover your mouse onto the WooCommerce tab at the left side panel and click ‘Reports’.
  • There will be three tabs. Orders, Customers and Stock. Click ‘Stock’. From there you’ll find a list of all your products. You my filter them by how low or how high the stocks are and the status of each as well.
What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway is an application that allows cash or credit card transactions online. This is what online stores use to receive payment from their customers online. Payments may be received through direct transfer, over the counter, ATM or via mobile. Lets us know your requirements and we’ll help you choose the best option suited to your needs.

Do you create social media accounts for the clients’ business?

No, we do not. Although we offer social media account buttons for free, the client must create their own social media accounts.


What are the ways to contact customer service? Is it 24/7?

We can be reached 24×7 via email at For immediate assistance, contact us via our hotline 6230996 and 0917-5638965 from Mondays to Fridays (excluding holidays) , 8:30am – 5:30pm . Soon, WebsiteExpress will be able to help you 24×7 – we’re working on it!

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