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Importance of Responsive Design

Why Your Business Needs a Responsive Website Now

With mobile usage at 66% globally and 70% in the Philippines, mobile Internet has overtook desktop usage.

Forbes illustrates why your business is in danger of going out of business if you do not switch to responsive design immediately.

According to Jody Resnick, CEO of Trighton Interactive, with mobile devices attached to consumers by the hip, a mobile responsive website is critical. One website that adjusts to any device is the best way for a business to remain in touch with their customers. With a responsive website, customers who begin search with a desktop, then continue at a later time with a mobile device, are able to do so seamlessly.

For businesses with an already existing traditional desktop website, opting for a separate mobile device is not the wisest choice, says Resnik.

In contrast,running two separate websites – one traditional and one mobile, poses a challenge when maintaining and driving SEO traffic. More importantly, inconsistencies in content run the risk of frustrating customers when they switch between devices.

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Businesses need a website

Why Businesses Need a Website

Companies today compete in a very fast-paced arena. Being registered, owning an establishment and forming a structured organization won’t just be enough in the present time. Although these are institutional needs, being able to cope up with the modern trends requires a business to be more visible, especially in the cyberspace. One of the most beneficial and technological factor that can add up to a business’ presence nowadays is the creation and the ownership of a website. Practically, all credible and established companies have placed themselves online. This makes them advantageous in different aspects, especially in marketing.

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Your Business Guide to Selecting a Web Development Company

Placing your business in the digital space is one of the most recommended steps to take in these times. Websites are becoming the ultimate one-stop-shops of the business ecosystem—from investors, suppliers, down to the most important part of the loop, the consumers. However, a website for a business must be created with quality and of course with the right content, but before setting one up, common dilemma is the selection of the right web development company to hire services. Tough one?

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Creating Better Business Websites

Attaining a strong web presence has become one of the top considerations for the modern business owners. While the wonders of making a business website work for the big names in the retail industry, others are still uncertain as to how to make theirs better. Reality uncovers that it’s not purely website design alone. There are actually other things and tactics to look at for a business website to be more effective.

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Web Design Inspirations and Guide

Your business speaks through a lot of media like its own website. First impressions are usually gathered from the looks of the web design. Avoiding a too crowded home page does the trick as it leaves your user a pleasing view and an invitation to discover more about the website.

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A good website in 5-7 Days? Go ask WebsiteExpress!

Jun 2, 2013 – WebsiteExpress, whose objective is to make quality websites accessible and affordable to not just large corporations but also SMEs, micro-entrepreneurs, even professionals like doctors, lawyers, dentists, architects,

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How to get a website up in a week?

Most small and medium enterprises put social media in the sidelines as they prioritize other areas when expanding their business. But in the age of social media, websites have become major sales and marketing tool for most businesses.

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Web dev firm opens store kiosk, mulls franchising

Local website developer WebsiteExpress opened on Thursday, Oct. 10, its first “offline” website store and announced plans of franchising the business. The store kiosk occupies a four-square meter space located at Level 1 of Shangri-La Plaza Mall in Mandaluyong City.

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WebsiteExpress: Revolutionary website development

Sep 2, 2013 – In these times people call the “digital age,” it has almost become imperative, especially for businesses, to be present in the World Wide Web.

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WebsiteExpress opens first website store

Oct 14, 2013 – WebsiteExpress, a Web development store of NOW Corp. (formerly Information Capital Technology Ventures Inc. or ICTV), a publicly listed 

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